Primary Election 2014, El Dorado County

Candidates and Issues: June 3rd, 2014 El Dorado County Election has 4 Ballot initiatives and 27 candidates running for 8 offices. [Pending Elections Department's certification of signatures]


Joe Harn, Michael Owen

District Attorney

Judson Henry, Vern Pierson


Chris Amaral, Bill Schultz


Ron Briggs, C.L. Raffety.

County supervisor District 4

Scott McNeil, Tim Palmer, Lori Parlin, Howard Penn, Michael Jon Pettibone, Winston Pingrey, Michael Ranalli, Dave Souza

County supervisor District 5

Kevin Brown, Kenny Curtzwiler, Gerri Grego, Sue Novasel, Teresa Piper, Angela Swanson

Superior Court Office 1

Vicki Ashworth, David Combellack, Joe Weinberger

Superior Court Office 5

Joseph Hoffman, Dylan Sullivan

Superior Court Offices 3, 4, 6, (Kingsbury, Bailey, Wagoner) are Unopposed. County superintendent of schools (Jeremy Meyers), Assessor (Karl Weiland), Sheriff (John DAgostini), and Surveyor (Rich Briner) are Unopposed.

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